“Will you ship outside of the US?”

currently, only shipping in 50 states. As USPS Priority Mail allows me too.

“How Much is shipping?”

Certain items I charge a flat rate of $2.95 as a flat rate shipping for first class. Also, I charge a flat rate of $8.50 of priority. but waved. If you spend over $100.

“Is it true. You’re one dude?”

it’s true. I do the shipping, listing, SEO, buying, selling, hosting, designing. A man of many trades! I’m the bargain dude.

”if I make an account on here. What do you do with my information?”

only to ship you products and for your choosing of payment that is collected on there end. I would ask PayPal, your credit card company or Apple Pay about their terms. However, I am very big on privacy. I do not sell, rent, give away or trade information for any reason. Your information is safe and encrypted by 256 bit encryption positive SSL. That I bought on Namecheap. You also have the right to delete your information any time. Unlike other companies that exploit your information for profit. My website never ever does that. I don’t believe in that. Your information is only yours.